Aquadeux Nerul, Goa

Aquadeux brings the concept of a dream home to life. Set along the flowing Mandovi River, this town house establishment is accessible from the city of Panaji by a 500-meter stretch lined with breath-taking vistas.

The build of this edifice is based on a contemporary version of a large Goan mansion, complemented by independent components and elaborations. The entire town house establishment is meticulously planned as two independent units. The two architectural pieces together with the use of tiled roofs, colour and texture seamlessly blend into the Goan landscape.

If paradise were to ever have a sibling, it would be Aquadeux

As one approaches the entrance, a large, open-to-sky throughway acts as a passage to the regal habitat. The theme of open plan and tall ceilings gives the entire structure cohesiveness. Both the units of Aquadeux, surrounded by verandahs throughout, open away from the flowing waters of the Mandovi.

Spanning 725 sq. ft., each structure entails a lower level that encompasses a living room, kitchenette, toilet, and an upper level that houses a bedroom, study, and bathroom. Large corner windows make for uninhibited vision as far as the eye can see. Common facilities such as the pool, pavilion for outdoor activities, and general hard and soft landscape embellish the architecture like a constellation of stars.

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