Soham Residential Villa Saipem-Candolim, Goa

Situated in the quiet village of Saipem, not far from capital city of Panaji is Soham Villa, a true tribute to the perfect idyllic Goan 'Susegad' lifestyle.

Sitting on the sun chair or lounging on the hammock, one can relish the golden sunset view of the meandering Sinquerim River playing hide and seek in rhythm with the high and low tides.

A Goan sanctuary rooted in tradition

A large door at the entrance welcomes you with open arms and a decorated pathway leads into the central space, the living room. Wooden balconies that overlook the river inspire poetic thoughts and the cool evening breeze refreshes the mind and body.

The unique combination of wood, glass, modern as well as traditional Goan concrete, and traditional Goan style of construction like the use of roof tiles, gives this place a distinct contemporary presence while maintaining a rooted Goan feel.

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