Quarry House Saipem-Candolim, Goa

An atypical creation, the Saipem Quarry has three spacious and elegant villas that come together to form a wonderful settlement. With its own individual and unique floor plan layout and exterior detailing, each villa breaks the monotony of repeated forms while creating a unique identity. The arrangement of the villas facilitates an uninhibited, spectacular view of the quarry from the rooftops and living/dining halls.

The Quarry House has this in common with the Angkor Vat

The quarry villas, with their roots firmly fixed in traditional Goan design, stand gracefully with thick laterite walls, high ceilings, and sloping roofs. Here, laterite deserves a special mention as this very element was used to build the foundations of the legendary World Heritage Site - The Angkor Vat of Cambodia.

A class apart

Each Quarry House villa has one master bedroom and two guest bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms, a kitchen and utility area. At the heart of each villa is a double height living/dining hall with a view overlooking the quarry. Above the halls are open roof top terraces. Situated at the very bottom of the quarry, the common area houses a pool with an ever so inviting appearance with the steep and rough natural walls of the quarry playing its sidekicks. Villa I and II comprise of an additional family/library room. The property is set in a gated community with gate house, watchman and a private access road.

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