What makes Goa a great place to buy property?

Nov 9, 2017

Sunny breezy days, alluring beaches, a diverse community, a state of the art infrastructure and proximity to nature. If this sounds like a dream place for a second or holiday home, Goa is the place to be. Following are some attributes which make Goan Properties a wonderful second or holiday home investment.

Sunshine filled days, away from the bustle.

While winter is roaring in the Northern Hemispheres, India enjoys sunny days and breezy climate prefect to laze on the beach or explore. However, during summers when temperature is rising across India, Goa becomes relatively warmer considering the humidity, thanks to the refreshing beaches of the state. Monsoon is the time when Goa is at its best- with greenery budding all around. It receives a bountiful amount of Indian monsoon coupled with sudden downpours and tropical thunderstorms. Goa’s evergreen climate and clean environment makes it a healthy and worthy choice for anyone who seeks to be in harmony with nature

Great Opportunities for Rentals

Goa is a popular tourist destination among foreigners and Indians alike. In 2014-15, Goa is said to have attracted 3.4 million tourists and many foreigners stay for the whole season. Hence, investment in holiday homes would generate good returns in form of rentals. Goa is also a retirement home destination for many people. It is well known for two of its traits that is the tranquil charm and party culture. It is these two traits which gives rise to two different real estate markets in Goa. While the northern part of Goa is a high end investment option, the southern part of Goa is more peaceful and suitable for a retirement home option. Holding the prestige of a top ranked state in infrastructure and quality of life, Goa can also be great option to settle.

Experience living in a global community

Goa has a diverse mix of people and free spirits. Goans are known for their hospitability, tolerant and welcoming nature among residents and visitors alike. Goa is a home to number of people from India and all the world. One will meet people from Britain, Russia, Australia, Chile, Peru, America, Spain and various other parts of the world here which gives Goa a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. This makes it more attractive for people seeking a great society that is tolerant yet progressive.

Experience a life of tranquillity.

Goa is known to carry the 500-year-old legacy of its Portuguese colonisers, mixed with the goodness of its Indian values, making it a wonderful example of East meets West. Less Conservative, Hippie and Urban yet down to earth and hospitable Goa is unbeknownst of any major political turmoil on lines of cast, creed, religion or tradition. This shapes Goa’s peaceful and laidback environment and more tolerant and accepting culture. Assured of an escape from such turmoil, Goa is a great place for those who seek a clam yet buoyant life.

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