The Goan Life

May 7, 2018

Goa is synonymous with great food, a buzzing nightlife, enchanting beaches and sunsets, and not to forget, lovely pale sand. It is a state with a picturesque corner at every turn – and one that promises to capture your heart the moment you step your foot on its lands.

But there’s so much more life to this gorgeous state that is known as a place of vacationing and escapades. Apart from the luxurious hotels and resorts that one experiences here, Goa is also home to some amazing properties. Heritage and Contemporary villas, new age penthouses, and swanky, luxury apartments that are inspired by and have traces of Portuguese culture find buyers from all over the country. While some move in here in an attempt to move away from the discord of city life, others invest in properties that serve as vacation homes or as investment options. So what is it like, to live in a city that is buzzing with national and international tourists every year?

Investing in a state like Goa gives you the benefit of owning large spaces, many of which are luxury projects like villas, penthouses, and massive apartments. These opulent projects and resort like villas are coming up hidden away from daily disturbances, offering as much peace as possible, to their occupants.

Most of these sprawling luxury villas have their own jacuzzis, infinity pools, gardens, and expanses of land spread over as far as your eyes can take in. The surrounding hills, beaches and the Arabian sea add to the drama of the landscape, making every trip to your balcony a delight. Residents of Goa swear by how easy and relaxed life there is. It is a state ensconced in a cocoon of perpetual mellowness, and you’ll find most places even in the heart of the city that promise the kind of peace, calmness, and quiet that one cannot ever imagine in another city!

These are places where you can spend days just lazing around, lay back in a hammock and watch the golden sun melt into the sea, while lending your ear to the dulcet strains of birds chirping their sweet calls at dusk.

With Goa gaining so much popularity, young people are also looking at it as a promising place to start their families. An exciting culture of start-ups is fast gaining momentum. With the young people have arrived fresh new ideas for businesses and expansions and the city has found a popular spot in the list of the most promising cities in India. Till then, set up a hammock, pick up a book and watch the fading embers of the sun waltz across the waves as another day goes down over the Arabian Sea.

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