Luxury Properties in Goa - Not just ethereal homes, but also, great investment options!

Nov 9, 2017

It is no secret that the real estate market in Goa is booming thanks to the combined lure of its stunning locales and fabulous return on investment.

A lot of new buyers are investment buyers, which means that their properties are left empty most of the time. Goa’s popularity as a vacation spot is undeniable, and Goa trips are easy and inexpensive to plan. This draws an influx of people at any given season. Portals like Trip Advisor, OYO etc., have started advertising private properties for temporary rentals, and homeowners are lapping it up because it helps them earn on their properties and possibly even pay off their own EMIs!

Appreciating Values of Real Estate in Goa

Increasing values of the properties are an undeniable addition to return on investment because appreciation in Land and Real Estate values always affects buying v/s renting decisions. Appreciating values mean expensive homes. In such a scenario, renting a home would seem like a more feasible option to buying one. This presents another unique opportunity for Goan property owners to utilize their investment as a revenue asset.


The least considered yet the most obvious aspect of a property is having a beautiful Villa or a luxury apartment in Goa, it will be a boon for your family legacy in the future. Goa is one of the most progressive places with assured investment in development of world class infrastructure and living spaces. With appreciating values which are not likely to fall any time soon you can be assured of acquiring a property which would be of great value to your family.

The dream destination for family get-togethers!

Now here is one of the fun situations where buying a home gains over renting it. Consider a cool pool-side get together or farmhouse parties with a houseful of friends, music, food, booze and dancing at leisure, by your rules. If this is one of the things you fancy doing in Goa without having to worry about the landlord, then buying a home would be surely more appealing than renting one. However, if you like to be sober and seek some family time, then buying a house in a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle would be a great investment. Treat your family and closest friends to a serene luxury experience nestled amidst tropical landscapes. It’s the perfect atmosphere for relaxing with close ones without worrying about any limits on your stay.

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