A world within a world - Discover life in North Goa from a never before seen perspective

May 7, 2018

North Goa has plenty of activities for tourists. Whether it's exploring sun kissed beaches, enjoying the night life, savouring fiery Goan delicacies, browsing through quaint night markets or unwinding at any of the fabulous retreats dotting the state, North Goa has all the ingredients required for a perfect holiday. But besides being a haven for sun seekers, Goa also caters to people who love the vibe of the state enough to want to come back at leisure whenever they need a getaway. These are the people who appreciate Goa for more than the obvious – who look deeper than the sun and the sand, and have a real appreciation for the old world way of life, the tranquil days and breezy nights, for the emerald green fields and all the little and big creatures that dot them. And it is for these special people, that we built our most spectacular range of Villa residences.

Here's a peek into Sun Estates most stunning private holiday villas in North Goa.

Sun Estates Boutique Villas: All our striking boutique properties are built in accordance with international standards in terms of their design and amenities. Banyan Beach House, Mangrove View, Sol Farmhouse, Saipem River Villas, Soham Residential Villa etc. are some of the most beautiful Goan properties you will find, stretching across the picturesque coastlines of this spectacular beach state. The ongoing projects under this category are Sol Boutique Villas in Nerul Goa, Sol Farmhouse Boutique Villas in Nerul Goa and Banyan Beach House Boutique Villas in Candolim Goa.

Sun Estates Luxury Villas:Set amidst absolute tranquillity, our Luxury Villas in Goa are bastions of privacy that offer breath taking views of the hills, river and the Arabian Sea. They come with designer interiors and landscaping, spacious master bedrooms, azure private pools, breezy open decks, meticulously kept gardens and all kinds of other amenities ensuring the most luxurious of lifestyles. Casa Sol Luxury Villas in Saipem Candolim Goa, Lotus Luxury Villas in Saipem Candolim Goa, SOL-ace Luxury Villas in Candolim Goa and Morjim Luxury Villas in Goa are the existing Sun Estates luxury villas while Sohonos Luxury Villas in Nerul Goa, Solidago Luxury Villas in Nerul North Goa and Assagao Luxury Villas in Goa are currently under construction.

Sun Estates' Villas are an ideal choice for spending quality time with your family and friends. Enjoy sprawling space to lounge, work, ideate, entertain or just lay back in peace with your quietest thoughts.

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