8 reasons why living in a tourist town is a good idea

Nov 9, 2017

While there are both upsides and pitfalls of living in a tourist destination like Goa, there’s one thing you cannot deny: life is charming indeed! From their high, infectious energy and vibrant, happy vibe, to their superb logistics, tourist places are a good option to consider moving to.

We compiled a list of 8 reasons why you should consider living in a place that attracts lots of visitors!

1. If you are living in a city or town that has a high tourist volume, it means that there are some unique and famous landmarks or views around. Obviously, this is a very desirable situation!

2. Finding fun things to do is easy. There will always be plenty to choose from in terms of cafes, eateries, shops, activities and parks.

3. Tourist places are always flooded with well-maintained ATMs of various banks.

4. Public spaces and roads are maintained in great condition.

5. Public transport is usually excellent enabling you to reach anywhere using trains, buses, rickshaws or taxis.

6. The laws are more relaxed and liberal to allow tourists to enjoy themselves to the fullest. You’ll benefit from them too!

7. Property prices appreciate fast, not to mention you can always rent your place out on Airbnb and make money off it while you're not living there!

8. They are safer than most places because locals are used to seeing and dealing with regular visitors.

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